Aboriginal, Native, Learning Circle

Four areas of traditional Learning

Traditional Teachings

We invite Elders and others to share their knowledge and wisdom to help us grow and learn

Drumming, Singing and Dancing

We enjoy one evening a month drumming and singing together. Don't worry if you have never done this, we all learn and teach together.  On occasion we will learn about and try dancing.



We spend one evening discussing current events which affect the Aboriginal community.


Hands-on Teachings
One evening a month we learn traditional ways of making such things as drums, moccasins, beading and even some cooking.

It is traditional for children to stay with their parents, therefore, children attended by an adult and youth are very welcome. Please bring drinks, snacks and activities for young children.

Who we are

Indigenous Learning Circle Guelph is for anyone who self identifies as Aboriginal, of Aboriginal Descent, Inuit or Métis who want connection with their community and to learn traditional teachings.


We meet when possible and focus on four areas of Aboriginal traditions and knowledge. Please see the calendar below for details and check our Facebook or Twitter page for updates.


We are also a resource base for Aboriginal people and families in the Guelph area.



Indigenous Learning Circle Guelph was founded by Shannon Holmes and Amber Holmes

We wish to acknowledge the original people who cared for the land Guelph now sits on, the Mississagas Of The New Credit.